Titanium forged and rolled round bar – Grade 5 and 2

At Brindley Metals our goal is to help every client choose the perfect products. As a result we work with a wide range of different types of metal and can offer various bars, sheets, blocks and more. If you are looking for an alternative to steel bars that is lightweight but just as strong, we have the perfect solution. We offer high quality titanium forged and rolled round bar in both Grade 5 and Grade 2.

Which type of bar is best?

One question we get on a regular basis is whether forged or rolled bar is the best option. We would like to take a closer look at the differences below. We hope this will make it a little easier to decide which type of bar you need.

Titanium forged bar

The starting point for both processes is to take an ingot or bloom of titanium. From there it can be processed to create the final bar. With titanium forged bar the alteration uses two opposing flat dies to forge the bar to size.

Titanium rolled bar

This process uses rollers instead of dies. There may be several sets of rolls to gradually reduce the size. The end result is titanium rolled bar.

The difference

While both processes can efficiently create titanium round bar in different sizes, there will be differences. Most importantly, the process can affect the mechanical properties of the material. Forging tends to generate more hot work. Rolling on the other hand is cooler and can be a continuous process.

What grade do you need?

When you choose to use round titanium bar, whether you want rolled or forged, you need to specify which grade to use. There are lots of options, including pure grades and alloys. You must decide which has the right properties for your application.

Grade 2

This is the most common grade of pure titanium. It offers a wonderful combination of moderate strength, excellent weldability, and good formability and ductility. It has fantastic corrosion resistance, even against chlorides.

There are lots of potential uses for Grade 2 titanium, especially in bar form. For example it is good for automotive components and chemical, oil and gas components.

Grade 5 (6AL4V)

This alloy accounts for around 50% of all titanium use in the world. It is so popular because it offers a huge number of benefits. For example it is high strength, low density, easily formable, and has very high corrosion resistance. Heat treatment can make it even stronger and it is also easily weldable.

There are lots of applications for Grade 5 titanium (6AL4V), especially when weight saving is important. For example it is essential for aerospace components such as turbines and structural parts. It is also popular for marine uses and even sports equipment.

Order titanium round bar

If you need forged or rolled round titanium bar you can order it from us in Grade 5 or Grade 2. Our products are high quality and we offer fantastic prices too. Simply get in touch with us and we will help you to decide on the perfect metal products.

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