Titanium is a great benefit to the medical industry

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The medical industry relies on titanium to create dental and surgical products. They have been doing this since the 40s. These days, you can find it in all sorts of implants. Examples include hearing aids, dental implants, rods and pins, hip and knee replacements, and pacemakers. It is also great for other medical instruments and equipment.

Why is it the go to metal?

Titanium has many attributes that make it perfect for medical applications. Below are just a few of the most crucial ones.


One of the best advantages is its durability. Medical implants made from the alloys could last for more than two decades in the human body. It also possesses a higher strength to weight ratio. Impressively it is lighter and stronger than stainless steel.

Non ferromagnetic metal

Another characteristic of note is its non-ferromagnetic nature. Medical grades are not magnetic. Therefore, they do not hinder the MRI instruments. Due to this fact, patients with implants can participate in scans safely. They also won’t set off metal scanners at airports.


Its biocompatibility is very important too. As opposed to other substances, it is safe for medical titanium to remain in contact with living tissue for a long time. It can do this without affecting it severely.

Grade 2 titanium round bar and plate

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