Titanium’s most positive elements

Brindley Metals has always had a commitment to providing the very finest products and services to clients. We look to source the highest quality metals from UK and overseas producers. This includes grade 2 titanium round bar and plate. Then, we offer some first rate options for metal processing and work with experts who can offer other solutions. As a result, we can tick all the right boxes for many clients.

People use titanium in an impressive number of applications. They include aircrafts, valves, pipes, heat exchanges, and many niche projects. The metal possesses a silver colour. It is also characterised by its high strength and low density. Such impressive attributes make it perfect for all these applications. To give you a better idea of just how valuable this material is, we are going to dive a bit deeper into its advantages.


One of titanium’s most noteworthy benefits is its strength. It is among the most durable and robust metals you can find on earth. This is why the industrial sector uses it so extensively. In truth, the metal has the greatest strength-to-density ratio of all the periodic table’s metallic elements. When it is unalloyed, titanium rivals common grades of steel with its strength. It is also less dense. The alloys can be even stronger.

Highly resistant

Another essential benefit of titanium is its natural corrosion and rust resistance. When a metal encounters moisture, it leads to what is known as oxidation. This is a chemical process that can eventually result in corrosion. Luckily, certain metals have a natural resistance to it, including titanium. Whether you use it outside or inside, it will endure for years without yielding to corrosion and rust.

Do you need grade 2 titanium round bar and plate?

Brindley Metals is proud to be one of the most trustworthy metal suppliers in the UK. We built our reputation by offering quality products and great customer service. Our standards are so high in fact that we have many happy repeat customers.

Two of the products clients can rely on us to stock are grade 2 titanium round bar and plate. We have both in a range of sizes and thicknesses. In addition, we can attend to many aspects of metal processing. This includes heat treatment, polishing, and grinding.

So, if you would like to work with us, you are welcome to get in touch. We can give you more info about the various grades of metals we offer and their characteristics. Then, we can look at processing to see if you need any to get the final products you want.

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