Top uses of titanium round bar

Titanium is one of the most sought-after metals in the world. This is purely because it is useful for so many industrial applications. You can find it in everything from aerospace products to cosmetics. Brindley Metals is happy to stock several types of the metal in different forms. For example we have grade 6AL4V (grade 5) titanium round bar and plate in many sizes. Clients can order from us with confidence.

Some of the top uses

Below we want to take a quick look at some of the most popular uses for titanium bars. It is one of the most popular forms of the metal and has lots of interesting applications.


As you may already know, titanium is commonly used to create aircraft. Manufacturers prefer it because it has comparable strength to steel but is lighter and able to resist extreme temperatures. The bars are excellent for framework as they can withstand the aerodynamic friction that occurs at high speeds. They also have the strength to resist deformation under these high pressures.


One of the most interesting uses of titanium bars is medical implants and prosthetics. The metal is biocompatable so it has a big advantage over almost every other substance. Because the human body will not reject it, it is the best option for things like pins and rods to help repair broken bones. In addition, the strength and low weight make it great for all kinds of prosthetics and things like crutches.

Jewellery and eyewear

While titanium is not a valuable metal like gold or platinum, it is durable, light, and dent resistant. That can make it a very good choice for some types of jewellery and eyewear. Smaller diameter bars can be very popular for these products.

Sporting equipment

The properties that make titanium perfect for aerospace applications also make it the best option for many sports products. Firstly it is a really good choice for racing cars, karts, and other high performance vehicles. In addition, it is also one of the best options for bicycles, golf clubs, and lots of other items.

Grade 6AL4V (grade 5) titanium round bar and plate

Brindley Metals understands why there is so much demand for titanium, whether it is bars or plate. The fact there are lots of different grades helps this too. It means there are specific ones that can provide even more useful properties for the various uses. We stock many of these products.

If you need Grade 6AL4V (grade 5) titanium round bar and plate in particular, you can order from us. We offer both forms of the metal in an array of sizes to suit different needs. You can even speak to us if you need any advice or additional metal processing services.

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