Use titanium for your tension set rings

We specialise in providing a wide array of metals as well as metal products. Throughout the UK, we have a reputation for being a dependable supplier. Therefore, if you are currently in need of grade 5 titanium round bar and plate, we will be able to help. What’s more, we can meet all of your specifications.

Titanium is used in jewellery

Titanium has its uses in many areas. One you might not know about is jewellery, especially wedding rings. When you need to select a wedding band, for the most part, you will have two choices. One choice is a standard, plain band that has no embellishments. Alternatively, you can go for one that has jewels and gems covering the whole surface. You might be wondering if there is anything out there you can consider a happy medium. Fortunately, there is. A tension set ring may be what you need. These combine a plain band with a single, beautiful jewel.

If you are unfamiliar with them, tension set rings are where gemstones are held in position by sheer pressure. There aren’t any prongs or other forms of mounting. Now that we have said this, you are probably thinking that it is not possible to keep the gem in position here. Well, due to the spring-loaded setting, a sort of shelf is produced by introducing compact grooves to the metal. The gemstone’s edges shall rest in them and seem like it is hanging in the air.

Titanium is more robust than traditional metals

The issue here though is that the majority of traditional metals are not very robust. This includes gold and platinum. They can also weaken as time progresses. Therefore, if you have your heart set on a tension set ring, titanium is probably the way forward. Please give us a call if you require grade 5 titanium round bar and plate products.

People will want their wedding bands to last a lifetime, just like their marriages. Titanium is one of the substances with enough strength to preserve its original shape. It will also make sure the gemstone remains in place. Moreover, with any other form of metal, a manufacturer or jeweller will first need to harden the alloy. They must also utilise special alloys and pressure treat the material to ensure the spring-loading procedure actually happens.

Keeping the gemstone secure

Furthermore, because titanium is so strong when you compare to standard metals, it will be able to keep the gemstone secure without as much bulk. This will lead to the ring feeling lightweight to the wearer. With metals like platinum and gold, you have to increase the size with more metal. This is just so you can keep the tension strong enough. The result here is a fit may not be that comfortable.

There are lots of different options for titanium grades here. Pure grades tend to be popular but grade 5 (6AL4V) has more strength and durability. The aerospace grade Ti6AL4V is a great choice because of the excellent mechanical properties, low weight, and longevity.

Grade 5 titanium round bar and plate for all kinds of uses

At Brindley Metals, we provide the highest grade metals for some of the most competitive prices. In addition, we aim to deliver each order as quickly as possible. Furthermore, there is no minimum order when you work with us. We are happy to supply materials for businesses in various industries too.

So, if you need grade 5 titanium round bar and plate, you should speak to us. Feel free to get in touch if you want to ask us anything or want to place an order.

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