What applications is wire erosion suitable for?

Our business is known for providing a wide array of metals and metal products. In addition, we work to arrange professional services like wire erosion. Using this technique, our clients can get precise cuts. It is also a cost effective practice, making it well worth the investment.

Wire electrical discharge machining (EDM), also called wire erosion, is a great process. The tool discharges sparks to the metal workpiece. It does the cutting rather than relying on a saw blade.

This is a non-conventional operation but not a new one. It works on parts that have resistance to other machining techniques. This is only the case if the parts are electrically conductive though. Rather than slicing the material, EDM vaporises or melts it. Such action creates small chips and a very accurate cut line.


Due to its versatility, manufacturers favour wire erosion for all kinds of applications. It can cut incredibly small pieces. Because of this, you can use it to produce highly detailed, small objects. Normally, these would be too delicate for other machining processes. Good examples include things like medical implants, aerospace parts, and extrusion dies.

The cost effectiveness plays a part here too. It can be a big advantage for prototyping. This is true even if you end up doing the actual project differently if you move on to batch production.

Rough passes

Most procedures that use wire EDM start with a rough pass. There is a fairly high dielectric flow and quick speed rate. Consecutive skim passes use more compact cuts with a lower dielectric flow. This brings the final exteriors into tolerance. The lower dielectric flow is able to circumvent wire distortion during the skim passes.

Speak to us about the advantages of wire erosion

At Brindley Metals, our experience in various machining and processing practices allow us to help you at every stage. The approach we take to our business is an efficient, quick, and friendly one as well. We understand that technical services like these can be confusing. That is why we are on hand to offer advice and any help you may need.

So if you are thinking about metal cutting processes and want to look into wire erosion, we would be happy to advise you. Then, if you choose a service we can arrange it with a reliable expert. Feel free to contact us if you need anything.

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