What is electroless nickel coating?

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A coating you should consider using

One use of nickel you may consider using in the future is electroless plating. You apply the coating via controlled chemical reduction. Unlike other forms of nickel plating, it does not involve the use of an electric current. So, it will work on materials that aren’t conductive. Users can rely on it to amplify the corrosion resistance of many different products. It will be effective for a huge array of industrial applications, making it an efficient solution.

Electroless nickel plating isn’t as porous and produces a more consistent thickness. This is if you compare to electroplating. Here you add phosphorous to the nickel to supply the deposit with a defensive layer. It augments resistance to rust and corrosion. Additionally, you can use separate phosphorus levels to serve multiple applications. This is the case if you are after maximum hardness for alkaline environments. It is the same if you need maximum corrosion resistance for acidic settings.

More durability

This coating also enhances the durability. The protective coating is an excellent choice for halting wear. It can work on any products that need an increase in hardness. It is possible to do the application process with minimal compressive stress for gentle deposits. However, you are able to further harden the coating with heat treatment.

You are also free to use the plating to enhance solderability and lubricity. This is in order to enhance the usability and structure of your materials. If you require C276 nickel alloy round bar merchandise, make sure you contact us.


You will find electroless to also be a cost efficient option. As we said before, there is no need for electricity. Due to this, you will save on costs without needing to compromise a high-calibre finish. Plus, it is able to provide a more effective and accurate application and it is possible to complete it with fewer coats and less equipment. The high quality of this kind of nickel finish is capable of reducing operating costs too.

A versatile option

Finally, it is quite the versatile application. Electroless nickel plating is able to take advantage of a uniform deposit thickness. This is the case no matter the size or shape of the material you apply it to. You are able to plate irregular and complex shapes just as easily as standard parts. With the flexibility of thickness and volume , it can fill recesses and crevices in materials with ease.

More importantly, you can apply this coating to plastics and many different metals. As a result, you can finish a wider array of parts with a consistent exterior.

Electroless plating is often used for coating circuit boards for electronics to stop corrosion. It also has a wide array of other fantastic uses.

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