What is nickel plating useful for?

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One of nickel’s best uses is plating. This is a coating procedure where you electroplate the substance onto the exterior of another item. You do this to add new qualities to it like electrical conductivity or a decorative finish. Another reason to use it would be to resurface the item after wear, or for the purpose of shielding. What we want to do here is dive a little deeper into the process.

The plating is useful on most surfaces

You can utilise nickel as a plating substance on nearly any surface. This includes classic metal surfaces and modern innovative plastics. It is a versatile technique that offers great results.

During electroplating, an electric current is necessary in order to oxidise the metal salts and flakes. These will then coat the part or product.

However, there is an alternative way to plate a material. This would be an autocatalytic reaction, which uses a chemical bath rather than electricity. It is therefore known as electroless plating.

Why use it?

There are multiple reasons why someone would use nickel plating. One reason would be to protect metals against corrosion. It can also help preserve lightweight plastics from wear and tear.

Nickel plating has the capacity to add aesthetic value to something with a dull appearance too. This could be a new product made or something displaying wear and tear.

There is also the fact that the plating can amplify the hardness of the underlying material. That is important in a number of applications.

Nickel plating can be a powerful choice for defence and aerospace engineers as well. They often need to find ways of preventing atmospheric corrosion. A zinc-nickel coating functions as a kind of sacrificial layer. It absorbs corrosive substances before they get the opportunity to move through the machinery to weaken it. If you require alloy 80A nickel round bar products, please let us know.

Increasing use in other applications

Nickel-based coatings are seeing more use in other aerospace applications too. This is because of their erosion resistance, hardness, corrosion protection and adhesion. Such characteristics make nickel a top quality coating in the high-performing aviation world.

The use of nickel isn’t merely restricted to straightforward components either. It also has uses in many complex assemblies. This includes engine parts with very specific tolerances. These are ones you need to safeguard from environmental hazards. At the same time, the parts need to maximise their efficiency and strength.

With nickel electroplating baths, they can supply you with both semi-bright and bright finishes. The latter is a favourite for ornamental or decorative needs, as well as corrosion protection. The other finish is usually the choice for engineering applications. These are ones that need high corrosive resistance and conductivity.

In order to properly prepare for the plating process, you need to remove any corrosion and dirt from the surface. Masking is also necessary here to guarantee that the excluded areas won’t get exposed during the process. Heat treating is also capable of softening your metal to enhance its formability. This makes components harder and augments their strength.

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