What kind of temper do you need?

Exploring all the different grades of aluminium can get a little bit confusing. There are many, many options, from pure 1xxx series to alloys that include copper (2xxx), silicon (4xxx), zinc (7xxx), and more. The latter is the most popular series if you need the strongest grades. Of these, grade 7075 is a great option when you need aluminium bar and plate.


Standard 7075 aluminium is very strong, putting it on par with several types of steel. However, when you temper it with solution heat treatment, the metal gets even stronger. This can make it excellent for applications where it will be under a great deal of stress, such as wing spars in aircraft.

There are three popular types of temper for grade 7075 aluminium; 0, T6, and T73. It is important to look at the differences here to see which will be best for you.

To begin with, it is important to note that all three tempers do not increase the density of the aluminium. As a result it will remain consistent with any of them.

The biggest difference with the tempers is the impact they have on the tensile and yield strength. Of the three, T6 results in the biggest improvements in both areas. T73 is second and 0 follows with much lower strength.

The thermal performance of the tempers is quite interesting. All of them have the same level of thermal expansion. However, the conductivity varies with 0 being the most conductive and T6 the lowest.

The uses

The 0 temper works to improve the ductility of the aluminium, making it softer and more workable. This is great for lots of aerospace applications, especially complex parts.

With T6 the goal is to achieve the highest strength possible. It therefore makes the aluminium more rigid and better for parts that need to be as strong as they can be, including wing struts.

Finally, T73 looks to offer a combination of strength and flexibility. The metal is therefore better for high stress environments where there are continual stresses on parts. It is also good for extreme high or low temperatures. Components such as shafts, landing gear, and gears tend to be made of it.

Choosing grade 7075 aluminium bar and plate

Brindley Metals understands how vital 7075 aluminium is for items that require high strength. We strive to offer the highest quality products, including a range of thicknesses for bars and plates to suit a variety of needs.

So, if you need aluminium bar and plate we have grade 7075 for you that is suitable for various types of tempering. You can decide which is right for you or choose a metal that has already been tempered. Get in touch to learn more.

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