Which red metal do you want to use?

At Brindley Metals we have the pleasure to stock an array of different products. This includes various grades and alloys of many types of metal. We have options for general as well as specialist uses. One option we have is manganese bronze grade CZ114. It is a popular metal with great characteristics and lots of potential uses.

Confusing red metals

It is easy to get confused when you look at copper, brass, and bronze. Some people incorrectly think they are the same because they can have a quite similar look. However, the materials have very different characteristics. As a result, they have specific uses. It is important to look closely and ensure you use the right red metal.


Unalloyed copper has a great combination of thermal and electrical conductivity. On top of this it has good strength, corrosion resistance, workability, and formability. Impressively, the metal is antimicrobial, meaning it will kill any bacteria that get on it.


When you add zinc to copper you get brass. Doing this can improve both the strength and the ductility. The addition also changes the colour. For example, the brass will remain red if there is only a small amount of zinc but will become yellow with higher amounts. There are also other brasses with additions like tin.


If you mix copper with tin and other ingredients you get a harder bronze alloy. There are lots of different options here, including manganese bronze grade CZ114, phosphor bronze, and copper nickel. There are even alloys that include non-metallic elements like silicon. You can identify bronzes by the dull golden colour. They also tend to have faint rings on the surface.

Which to use?

What you need to do is take a close look at your application and decide what characteristics you want the metal to have. If hardness is vital, bronze may be the best option. Or, if you want it to be anti bacterial, choose copper. Brass is generally the right choice for decorative uses.

Want to order manganese bronze grade CZ114?

Our goal at Brindley Metals is to make it easy for clients to choose the right products. We can offer lots of advice and share our extensive knowledge. So, you can come to us with an application in mind and we can suggest the right metal to use.

If you have any questions for us about metals, the forms we offer, or additional services, please get in touch.

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