Why are titanium fasteners so advantageous?

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An excellent material

Titanium is a brilliant material for all kinds of reasons. Thanks to its physical characteristics, people hold it in high regard due to the strength-to-weight ratio. This metal is rather strong and ductile. In addition, it has a high melting point, which makes it handy for projects that involve extreme heat. It is not magnetic, and does not conduct heat or electricity well.

In recent history, titanium fasteners have seen extensive use in all sorts of applications. It is true that the cost has always surpassed those made of other materials. This is the case even for models of the same specifications. However, the application range and performance come with the same irreplaceable benefits. What we are going to do here is dive more deeply into titanium fasteners and their advantages.

Specific strength

One of the biggest pros of these products is the high specific strength. Titanium’s density is greater than aluminium but not as high as nickel, steel, or copper. However, its strength surpasses that of other metals. Fasteners created from titanium are light and strong.

Heat performance

These fasteners also have decent heat and low-temperature resistance. Titanium products are able to function normally at low temperatures. They can do the same at those near 600ºC. Most importantly, each fastener can preserve their shape without morphing.


Titanium fasteners have a decent level of corrosion resistance too. The alloys remain stable in numerous forms of media. Thus, they are useful in all kinds of corrosive environments.

Non-magnetic and non-toxic

Because titanium is a non-magnetic metal, it is not going to be magnetised when there is a strong magnetic field. Additionally, the metal is non-toxic, and compatible with our human bodies. So, if you require titanium round bar and plate grade 7, make sure you speak to us.


Another fact is that the fasteners have a strong resistance to damping. Titanium comes with the longest damping time when you expose it to mechanical and electrical vibration. You can use it as vibration film of an advanced audio loudspeaker and as a tuning fork. You are also able to use it as a vibration element of a medical ultrasonic pulveriser.

The applications

Titanium fasteners have a myriad of applications too. For example, you can use them in the nuclear industry. When nuclear reactors are built, many components, pipes, and related parts demand large quantities of titanium alloys.

You can use the fasteners in the medical industry as well. This is because titanium is a biophilic metal. They are typically used to fix dislocations and clinical fractures.

Lastly, you can use the fasteners for electronics. In previous years, computer and mobile phone manufacturers chose steel. The thing with steel though is that it is magnetic and you must demagnetise it. But, as we said above, titanium is not magnetic. Therefore, it is more appropriate for electronic item fasteners.

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