Why do people use titanium for watches?

We are a family owned business dedicated to providing a large range of quality metal products. This includes titanium grade 5. Our team has built a reputation for being reliable as well as quick with our service. This is because we are more than capable of supplying high quality goods to clients in a small amount of time.

Watch making

One of the most popular materials to use in making watches is actually titanium. This is a ductile and non-corrosive substance that is bio-compatible. Because of this, titanium watches don’t lead to allergic reactions like many stainless steel ones do.

Contemporary titanium watches are among the most durable and strongest models made too. Some manufacturers use an IP treatment to make them resistant to scratching. This involves heating the metal to over 2000ºC and then exposing it to electron beams. Following this, it is pressure bonded to produce scratch resistant and very strong ionised titanium.

Steel is not as good

When you compare them to titanium grade 5, stainless steel watches have several disadvantages. For one thing, they are heavy. As a result, if weight is a prime concern, they are not the best option. This is particularly true if the watch you are looking at is especially bulky.

There is also nickel allergies to think about. The simple fact is there are people out there who are allergic to it. This is a metal that is sometimes within the stainless steel alloy. So, if you have the allergy yourself, then the steel watches won’t be good for you.

What’s more, people purchase top brand watches when trying to make a fashion statement. Titanium has a more elegant, luxurious look.

A great source of titanium grade 5

At Brindley Metals, we are always happy to supply our EU produced titanium grade 5. Its international standard is AMS 4928. Moreover, it comes with Eli in sizes from 3mm diameter all the way up to 425mm diameter. Due to our experience, we can aid you with all kinds of elements of metal finishing. This includes treatments, polishing and grinding.

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