Why do we use heat treatments on titanium?

Our company commits to supplying the UK with first rate metal products, hence our name. There is a large variety of stock on offer here. One example would be titanium round bar and plate, available in grade 2 and many others. We are one of the most reliable providers of these goods. In addition, our prices are fair and we can deliver orders quickly.

Grade 2 is a commercially pure titanium that is used far and wide in many industries. It is a favourite because it unites moderate strength and great formability with excellent corrosion resistance. These characteristics make it a good choice for many applications. This includes medical, marine, aerospace, and chemical ones.

Stress relieving and annealing processes

This grade of titanium is no stranger to heat treatments too. The most common ones here are stress relieving and annealing. You employ the latter to soften the substance. The annealing of wrought items at normal temperatures leads to a completely recrystallised equiaxed alpha construct. Exact control of grain size is something you can achieve too. You do so by altering the temperature.

As for stress relieving, you use this to dispose of residual stresses. These are the ones that come about from the forming. Some people also use this kind of treatment to recover compressive yield strength after stretching.

Alpha case

Pure titanium, as well as its alloys, has quite the affinity for gases. This includes hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen. You can heat pure titanium in air. When this happens, oxygen absorption leads to the creation of a brittle, hard oxygen stabilised alpha phase layer. This is called alpha case. You need to be careful with it as it could affect the performance and fatigue resistance.

Do you want to order titanium bar and plate in Grade 2?

Brindley Metals are among the most trustworthy providers of titanium in the UK. This is just one part of our service however. In addition, our experience enables us to help clients with metal treatment and other types of processing. Examples of the latter include polishing and grinding.

So, if we can assist you in any way, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can order titanium bar and plate in grade 2 or several other grades. Each of them comes in various sizes to suit an array of needs.

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