Why is aluminium great for curtain walling, doors, and windows?

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People often refer to aluminium as a magic metal. Primarily found as Bauxite ore, it is the third most common element found in the planet’s crust. It is also the world’s most abundant metal. However, you have to wonder what makes it perfect for doors, curtain walling, and windows. There are actually plenty of reasons why. We shall be discussing them in this post.

A lightweight metal

This is a very light metal that has a specific weight of 2.7g/cm3. That is around a third of copper or steel. In reality, it is one of the lightest commercially available metals.

Such a feature makes it perfect for door and window frames. However, utilising a lightweight frame is particularly vital with curtain walling. The walls are not structural units, only being able to carry their own weight. So, the lighter the better here. Please contact us if you need grade 7075 aluminium round bar and plate.

Tough to break

You will also have a hard time breaking aluminium. The material is both ductile and malleable. What this means is that you can press or bend it into shape without it cracking or losing toughness. In other words, it is not brittle, but pliable. In reality, aluminium stands as the sixth most ductile metal and the second most malleable one.

The ductility is brilliant news for anyone desiring a curving curtain wall or window. With the aluminium frame profiles, you can press or bend them easily into the right shape. This is without the danger of them breaking.

It is easy to make frames

Aluminium is also easy to adapt into different shapes. You create window frames utilising an extrusion procedure. Here you force your pre-heated alloy through a die in order to produce a profile. Next, you join these profiles together to generate the frame.

The process allows you to make simple and complex designs. You can often obtain intricate shapes by using a single extruded section. The profiles shall be both durable and strong this way.


Finally, aluminium is great for these applications because of how decorative it is. The bare metal is really attractive. In addition, you can powder coat or anodise it to offer a different finish. What this means is that aluminium curtain walling, doors, and windows look excellent whilst performing brilliantly.

With anodising, you immerse the aluminium in an acid electrolyte bath. You then pass an electric current through it. As for powder coating, you start by pre-treating it through a chemical reaction or by anodising. This is to create a corrosion resistant barrier. You can them powder coat the metal in any RAL colour.

Grade 7075 aluminium round bar and plate in many sizes

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So, if you want us to provide you with grade 7075 aluminium round bar and plate, please let us know. You can also come to us for an array of other grades and alloys of many other metals.

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