Why is Grade 5 titanium the most popular?

Choosing the right material for any kind of application can be quite hard. It is the same whether you are looking at building your own home, packaging, art, or industrial applications. There is a huge range of choice, especially when you look at various metals and their alloys. Luckily, we can offer some help here. You can rely on Brindley Metals whether you are looking at titanium, steel, or more specialist alloys. We have a very wide range, including the workhorse Grade 5 titanium round bar and plate.

Often when people say they are using titanium for an application, they will be referring to Grade 5 (or its other name Ti 6AI-4V). It is the most common alloy by a huge margin. This is because it has some excellent characteristics and lots of uses.

The thing to keep in mind is that pure titanium already has some really wonderful properties. For example it is light but very strong and has good corrosion resistance. However, when you alloy it, you can improve and expand these.

To see how useful Grade 5 titanium round bar and plate is you need to look at what is in the alloy. It is still primarily titanium, but there is 6% aluminium, 4% vanadium, and a very small amount of iron too. Adding aluminium helps with the corrosion resistance, thermal performance, and density. Vanadium improves the strength, toughness, and stability. Iron improves the fatigue and fracture resistance. There is also a lot of research looking into using it as an alternative to more expensive alloying elements.

What you get is an alloy that far surpasses pure titanium and many other alloys. In terms of strength and corrosion resistance, it is a top choice.

Common uses

The properties make this metal the perfect one for some very challenging applications. Uses for Grade 5 titanium round bar and plate include:

Aerospace – there are many applications for the metal in this industry. In fact, it is often the go to for advanced parts for different types of aircraft. Some structures are as much as 40% titanium, including tactical fighter jets. However, it is vital to look at the chemical composition and mechanical properties here to make sure there are no issues.

Power Generation – this is one of the most important industries in the world but faces some of the biggest challenges to keep up with demand. The materials also have to withstand tough elements, particularly offshore and subsea. Grade 5 titanium is widely used here because it has the properties to tackle them. The fatigue resistance for one is excellent.

Implants – Grade 5 is a common choice for different kind of implants, including dental and orthopaedic. This is because it has similar characteristics to bone and the body won’t reject it. In dentistry, it is good thanks to the strength and resistance to fracturing. It also effectively transmits loads to bone tissues.

Want to order Grade 5 titanium round bar and plate?

Brindley Metals is proud of our ability to source quality products for clients in many industries. We can offer plenty of solutions, including different forms of various metals. In fact, Grade 5 titanium is often only available in sheets and plates. However, we can supply it in bars too.

So, if you want Grade 5 titanium round bar and plate, come see what we have for you. Our services are first rate, our prices are excellent, and we can deliver across the UK.

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