Why is it beneficial for cars to be made of aluminium?

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The aluminium body

For automobiles, an all-aluminium lightweight body is capable of producing the ultimate handling performance and power. This is in addition to saving fuel. As a result, it is not surprising that a lot of manufacturers favour the metal.

Speaking in general terms, under the state of constant power, the lighter your car, the quicker it will be. In addition, it is going to be sportier. At the same time, your car will be safer the lighter you make it. If the vehicle is heavier, the inertia shall be stronger. This means there is going to be more impact strength in the event of an accident.

The advantages of an aluminium body

As for the aluminium body’s advantages, they are numerous. The material can reduce the car’s weight for one thing. This could be around 20 to 30%, especially if you use it instead of heavier steels. As the same time, it can also enhance the manoeuvrability as light loads are easier to move.

A major advantage is that the metal can decrease fuel consumption. This can be as much as 10% over vehicles that use heavier metals. As a result you could potentially save 0.5 litres of fuel per 100km. In electrical vehicles, the lower weight can help to improve the range.

One other reason why using an aluminium body is a better choice than steel would be the environmental performance. As we said, the metal can minimise fuel consumption. On top of this, it will lower emissions. Around 99% of aluminium is capable of being recycled too. If you require aluminium bar and plate in grade 5251, give us a call today.

Some drawbacks

We do have to be fair here and say that the aluminium body is not perfect. There are some cons to make note of. For starters, there will be higher production costs. The price of some aluminium alloys can even exceed that of gold.

In addition, the production procedure itself is rather complex. You may have to deal with more technical difficulties.

For these reasons, all-aluminium vehicle bodies are typically reserved for luxury high end brands at present.


One trend that now exists in automobile manufacturing is using aluminium for exterior bodywork. Examples include bonnet and roof panels, as well as doors. The bonnet panels of models like the Peugeot 307 and Audi A6 are aluminium. A number of other high profile vehicles use the alloys too. This includes the Jaguar XE, BMW i8, Tesla Model S, and even bigger vehicles like the Ford F-150. Electric vehicles in particular prefer the lightweight metals.

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