Why is titanium round bar good for medical uses?

Choosing the right metals is very vital in all kinds of industries. However, in the medical industry it has an extra significance. This is because manufacturers want materials that will last and not cause harm to people. If it is implants, the material also needs to be biocompatible so the body does not reject it. One product you will see quite often is titanium round bar. It has some of the best characteristics and there are grades that are the very right option for medical use.

Why is titanium so good?

Firstly, it is corrosion resistant. This is essential, whether it is for implants, prosthetics, medical instruments, or even things like bed frames. It will not corrode because of exposure to any bodily fluids.

Secondly, titanium has a great combination of strength, flexibility, elasticity, and low weight. This means it is a better option than almost any other material.

It is crucial that any material that is to be used as an implant within the human body is non-toxic and biocompatible. Titanium ticks both boxes. In addition, it is incredible when it comes to osseointegration. That means it can effectively join bone and tissue to an implant. Very few materials can do this.

Yet another really good reason to use the metal is the fact it is long lasting. This is vital with many types of implants and prosthetics. Bodily implants, including titanium round bar, screws, plates, and pins, can last more than 20 years. Dental implants can last much longer.

Which grade?

The most common grades of titanium in the medical industry are 5 and 23. These are also known as 6AL4V and 6AL4V ELI. These names come from the fact that the alloys both include 6% aluminium as well as 4% vanadium. The ELI stands for extra low interstitials, which means there will be lower levels of things like carbon, iron and oxygen in the alloy.

Two other grades that have a lot of uses here are Ti-6AL-4V and Ti-6AL-4V ELI. They are very common in dentistry, especially for implants. This is because they have higher fracture resistance.

Supplying titanium round bar

At Brindley Metals we stock many grades of titanium in bars varying in diameter and length. For example, we have pure grades as well as Ti-6AL-4V and grade 7. If you need help choosing a material, please contact us.

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