Wire erosion – Is it better for cutting titanium?

In most industries precision is crucial. Be out by a single millimetre and it can mean a product is useless. This can present some challenges when it comes to cutting metals. Luckily, there are a number of options. One of the most accurate is wire erosion. It is great for many metals that are tricky to cut in other ways, including titanium.

How does it work?

The engineering process is a really interesting one. Where cutting usually involves some sort of blade, this one uses a wire and an electric current. Sparks pass between the wire and workpiece, resulting in a cut. The cutting is done using advanced EDM machinery. As a result it can handle complex cuts with ease.

What are the advantages?

Overall this method of cutting offers a number of benefits. Firstly is the accuracy. It can cut various metals with precision. The thickness of the metal won’t affect the precision, making it a great option for thick sheets, plates, and blocks.

You can encounter a number of issues with traditional cutting because of the hardness of the metal. There is no concern with wire erosion. It can slice cleanly though harder metals with ease.

This kind of cutting is also a great choice if you are working with smaller and weaker workpieces. Traditional cutting could cause issues here, including potentially breaking the workpiece. Wire erosion doesn’t have the same problems. There is no contact between the wire and the piece so no risk of breaking. The lack of contact also means there will be no burrs after cutting.

Wire erosion for titanium

You can cut various grades of titanium with EDM. This includes 1-5 as well as specific ones like Ti 6Al4V. It is effective with all of them and can be a much better option than other types of cutting. Most notably you can cut the metal faster with this method. That is because titaniums tend to have a lower specific gravity.

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