Would it be beneficial to use waterjet cutting?

We are a business that caters for many needs by supplying a wide array of metal products to customers. In addition, we subcontract a series of other services out, including waterjet cutting. As a result we can offer materials like plate, sheet, bar, and tube in various cut lengths.

Effective cutting

Waterjet machines are among the most versatile profiling tools on the market today. There are a number of benefits. Firstly is their capacity to cut nearly every material. This includes various types of metal.

The process here is a cold cutting one. Since this is the case, there are zero heat affected zones in the cut material. It permits the cutting of metals without altering the intrinsic attributes. There is no mechanical stress either. Moreover, you can cut heat treated materials.

Quick set up times

It is very easy to set up the waterjet machinery. The majority of projects don’t need any clamping or fixtures. This is thanks to the low sideways forces that occur while using a machine. The cutting also provides you with a high quality, clean edge. As a result you won’t require any extra finishing or post machining for most projects. This saves even more time.

The machines also have the ability to cut a huge array of thicknesses. It could be thin foils or stainless steel sheets that may be 150mm thick or more. You won’t find any other form of profiling technology with this much versatility.


One other fact about waterjet machines is that they are environmentally friendly. Each machine uses small amounts of water, roughly 1 or 2 litres every minute. Moreover, the equipment does not create hazardous waste. Used garnet is inert, and the used, filtered water is so safe you can get rid of it down the drain.

Talk to us about waterjet cutting

At Brindley Metals, we have an efficient, friendly, and fast approach to work. It is possible to use waterjets with many of the metals we supply. Examples include aluminium, yellow metals, phosphor, and leaded gun metal.

If you need our help at all, or want to arrange reliable waterjet cutting, please let us know. We have a great reputation and work hard to supply the best metal products.

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