You must put a lot of thought into nickel alloy machining

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In addition to supplying metal products, we know our fair share about machining metals. This includes nickel alloys. Not everyone has a deep knowledge of the subject though. To help, we have written a useful guide that you can use to better understand the topic.

A long history for nickel

As a material, nickel has had a lengthy history in countless applications. For example, it is great for plating and as an element in super alloys. The characteristics on offer here are ones that have proven to be advantageous for multiple industries.

When you use it as a primary alloy substance within high specification steels, nickel changes its role. It goes from aesthetic to a strength-supplying element that introduces corrosion resistance too. This ideal union has made it into a vital metallurgical item. It is one with an outstanding impact in turbine and power generation applications. The same can be said for aerospace ones too.

Utilising high nickel alloys as manufacturing substances has certain demands. Process managers, designers, and machinists have to know the issues nickel can cause. Since it does not deform or weaken easier at higher temperatures, it is more challenging to adapt it during high precision machining jobs. Other alloys are more workable.

This sole factor has kept some people at a distance from nickel alloys. Consequently, their applications have had to suffer due to inferior materials. The fact however is that it is possible, and quite easy, to adapt to nickel machining.

Flawed approaches and inadequate tooling

There is a specific reason why people find machining nickel to be difficult. It actually comes down to insufficient tooling and flaws in their approach. Process planners, managers, and machinists often treat it as if it is a high strength, heat-treated alloy. There are similarities in physical properties. However, such materials are different at the literal cutting edge.

The thing to keep in mind is heat treated substances have a greater chance of chipping and breaking away. Austenitic ones are especially vulnerable. This is when they are under shear forces using cutting tools. The quality increases further due to the heat that builds during machining. Thus, you can use one set of mid-tier tools to work on otherwise high strength substances.

Another fact about nickels is that they express their strength characteristics in a more uniform manner. Compression forces, tension, and shear are all highly resisted by high nickel alloys. There isn’t a weak point you can exploit for cutting. To put it simply, nickel alloys shall demand higher quality tools. These are ones that come with sharper cutting abilities and stronger build materials. Machining systems are going to have to operate at slower linear speeds, as well as at a lower tool RPM. Speak to us if you need nickel alloy 80A round bar items.

Certain systems just won’t be rigid enough to take on high nickel alloys. You are best off keeping cutting lengths to a minimum, which could result in some part design revisions. Most importantly, you will have to specify long cycle times. By rushing nickels, you will only ruin your tools and waste materials.

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