Aluminium 2000, 5000 & 6000 Series Supplier

Aluminium Plate and Sheet Supplier

Aluminium Sheet Metal

2000 Series

2011-T3 – Free machining quality – excellent for machining, can be heat treated, welding characteristics are not good

2014-T6 Aircraft and motorsport applications.

5000 Series

5251 H22/24 – Used as a general engineering quality, can be used in harsh environments as it has a resistance to salt water.

5083- used in the structural engineering industry for strength and durability.
Also used in the commercial vehicle construction industry. This grade has good weldability.

5754 H111 – This is the standard grade for aluminium 5 bar treadplate. A wide variety of usages – including industrial and commercial flooring,automotive components. Has good weldability.

6000 series


6082-T6 – general structural engineering quality

6262-T6 – An excellent machining quality – this can also be anodised.

Our Aluminium Product range includes.

Bar 3mm upto 510mm dia

Sheet 0.5mm upto 6mm

Plate 8mm upto 300mm thick

Specialist extrusions available manufactured to customer specifications and drawings.

Patterned sheets including chequer plate


Hollow sections – rectangular and square box sections

Tube and pipe

Aluminium is a silvery and ductile member of the poor metal group of chemical elements. In the periodic table it has the symbol Al and atomic number 13.

Aluminium is found primarily in the bauxite ore and is remarkable for its resistance to corrosion (due to the phenomenon of passivation) and its light weight. Aluminium is used in many industries to manufacture a large variety of products and is very important to the world economy. Structural components made from aluminium and its alloys are vital to the aerospace industry and very important in other areas of transportation and building.


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