Overcoming the tough titanium machining demands

Brindley Metals is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of metal products. Throughout the years, we have built our reputation on being reliable with our products and swift with delivery. In addition to supplying metals though, we excel at arranging a number of processing services. This includes stellar titanium alloy machining and much more.

What applications is wire erosion suitable for?

Our business is known for providing a wide array of metals and metal products. In addition, we work to arrange professional services like wire erosion. Using this technique, our clients can get precise cuts. It is also a cost effective practice, making it well worth the investment.

A marine metal you can use to create several products

Brindley Metals has spent years supplying the finest metal products. This includes grade 5083 aluminium bar and plate, as well as many more. We are a friendly team that aims to get every order out as fast as we can. But at the same time, we make sure our merchandise will satisfy every client’s needs.

Successfully machining a difficult metal

We have spent many years providing clients with a wide variety of metals. Since our founding, we have expanded our services several times. These days, you can also find us offering things like nickel alloy machining. With services like these, we are able to give clients a more convenient solution.