Understanding the aluminium numbering system

It is our job to ensure that our clients have access to a great supply of metal products. They need these items for all sorts of uses. Regardless of their needs, we make sure they receive the most appropriate goods. This could be aluminium bar and plate in grade 5251 or another alloy or material.

A life-saving metal

We are an establishment that excels in providing first rate metal products and services. Some of our best offerings include our grade 7 titanium round bar and plate goods. Regardless of what our customers are looking for, we make sure they walk away with the exact items they require.

Nickel alloys can work at higher temperatures

Our family business is one that specialises in supplying a wide variety of metal goods. You can find the likes of nickel alloy round bar in alloy 90 and more. Plus, we sell everything for competitive rates. In addition, our team strives to deliver all orders to you as fast as we can.

Grade 2 titanium is very easy to weld

At Brindley Metals we work hard to ensure we stock high quality products in many different forms. This includes titanium round bar and plate in grade 2 and more. As a result, we are confident we can cater for almost any needs. This includes serving clients in various industries.