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Titanium Sheet, Plate, Wire, Tubing

Titanium Grades 1-4 are all commercially pure

The other grades are alloys. Pure Titanium grades are used due to their high corrosion resistance. These alloys are specified due to their extremely high strength to weight ratio.

  • Grade 1 Pure Titanium, average strength and high ducility – good weldability  can be used in heat exchangers.
  • Grade 2 This pure titanium is most common. The best combination of strength, ducility and weldability. – general engineering quality used for fasteners and turned parts.
  • Grade 3 High strength Titanium. Can be used in spring manufacturing.
  • Ti6al4v Grade 5 The most manufactured titanium alloy. Very high strength. Excellent resistance to elevated temperatures. Aerospace industry and subsea applications.
  • Ti-0.2 pd Grade 7 Superior corrosion resistance in reducing and oxiding enviroments. Widely used in the chemical Industry.
  • Ti3al2.5v Grade 9 Very high strength and corrosion resistance. Hydraulic piping, subsea. Used for some sensor equipment
  • Grade 11 Good weldability added palladium for increased corrosion resistance. Similar applications as for grade 7.
  • Grade 12 Better heat resistance than pure Titanium. Applications as for grade 7 and 11.

Titanium is now becoming used in a wide range of commercial products including golf clubs, bicycle manufacture and model cars. Titanium is also used in the pharmaceutical and nuclear industries due to it’s excellent corrosion resistance.

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