Sterling Silver Findings (either 925 or 950),

Silver Product Range

At Brindley Metals Welshpool, we offer precious metals such as silver (AG).

We define this product group is into two distinct categories.

Sterling Silver

The 1st is Sterling silver (either 925 or 950), these references refer to the purity of the silver, and are generally supplied to the jewellery trade.

As with all our product ranges we offer in bar, plate, sheet and foil, the thickness starts at 0.15mm thick, however we do offer thinner for specialist orders.

If you have an unusual thickness that is required please ask, as we can provide short lead times from our UK based manufacturers.

Sterling Silver Findings UK

High Purity (Fine) Silver

This range of silvers usually has industrial applications due the very efficient way that electricity is conducted. 

We have supplied these silvers in the form of very thin foils for pressed components, specialised applications and have included parts for satellite and aerospace parts.

The purity level is 99.99% and therefore care needs to be taken when handling as the metal can be very soft.

Silver Birmingham

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