Metal Grinding, Polishing and Anodising Services UK

Our services

We Are a supplier of Aluminium, bronze, Nickel Alloys,Stainless & Titanium

Access a diverse range of metals and products from our suppliers and manufacturers both here in the UK and abroad.  So whether you are looking for large quantities or small pieces we are always happy to help.

Brindley Metals is proud to offer value adding through material processing and product innovation. These services include Waterjet and Laser cutting of plate and sheet in Aluminium. Bronze, Stainless Steel and Titanium.

Mild Steel

Mild Steel contains carbon contents between 0.16% and 0.29% making it easy to shap


Round bar offer cut to size Plates and sheets either sawn or Guillotine cut to your exact requirements

Stainless steel

A range of suitable alloys for all industries. So whether its something to withstand extreme temperatures or harsh chemicals

Non-standard products

Specialist stockist & processor of Titanium in 6AL4V and Grade 2

metal gold

Supplying high quality material

Committed to maintaining the highest levels of service in the industry, precision Engineering and precision machining steel supply service.



Polishing of sheet bar and channels and angles for architectural usage.


Heat treatment

Annealing, hardening and tempering, vacuum heat treatment available.



Specialist components manufactured to order – no job is too big or small.



re-drawing and re-rolling – convert unwanted or unusable sizes into a product that is more cost effect, reducing your machining times



We offer centreless grinding in stainless, aluminium, brass, copper, Titanium and tool steels.



To a range of colours including natural, gold and black –other colours are available on request.

We provide the Best Metal service Link in industry