Types and grades of Stainless Steel

Grades of Stainless Steel

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Rounds – 1/16” dia up to 20” dia

Squares – 3/16” up to 8”

Flats up to 8” wide

Hexagons – 1/8” up to 4”

Austenitic Grades (300 series)

This Group of metals have good or excellent levels of corrosion resistance.

303S31 – Excellent machining grade available in round square & hex bar products.

304S11/S15/S31 – General Engineering quality suitable for bending/fabrication/welding.

316S11/S31 – higher levels of nickel & chrome aid corrosion resistance.

310S31 – Specialist grade developed for use in higher temperature applications (1100 deg C)

321S31 – Excellent grade for use when welding, can be used at elevated temperature 700 Deg C)

347S31 resistant to concentrated nitric acid – usually used for process plant environments

Martensitic Grades (400 Series)

These are a family of heat treatable alloys that bridge the gap between alloy steels and stainless. All of the grades below also have magnetic qualities.

410S21 Petro chemical/gas turbine

416S21 Free machining form of 410 – added sulphur aids machining, used in pumps.

420S29/420S37/420S45 – heat treatable Alloy used in valve industry.

431S29 – general engineering quality

Aisi 440B/C

Ferritic Grades

409 – Usually used in automotive industry for car exhausts & trim

430 – general engineering quality – automotive industry

430FR – specialist grade used for electronic industry (solenoid quality)

Specialist materials

Duplex 31803 – Special fixings/ fasteners

Super Duplex 31254/6MO – Valves & Petro chemical industry.

17/4PH – 15/5PH – 13/8PH – Motor sport & general engineering, hardenable alloys

Stainless Steel

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