Aluminium Bar and Plate Grade 7075 and 6060

Aluminium bar and plate in grade 7075 and 6060

At Brindley Metals we supply a wide selection of metal products and strive to offer the most competitive prices. Our range is very broad and includes aluminium bar and plate in an array of alloys, including grade 7075 and 6060. Below we will take a closer look at these two specific types of aluminium so you can learn more about each alloy and its particular uses.

7075 Aluminium

This is a very high strength alloy which offers excellent yield and tensile strengths. It is available in various tempers, giving users a wider choice. If your project demands high strength but has a smaller need for corrosion resistance, this is the material for you.

The 7075 aluminium is most commonly used in aerospace applications but also finds lots of uses in motorsport. It is the popular choice for aircraft structures as well as automotive parts, gears and shafts.

The grade 7075 aluminium bar and plate we offer is available in a wide array of sizes. Round bar can be from 8mm to 450mm in diameter. Plate can be 8mm all the way up to 300mm in thickness. We also offer sheet.

6060 Aluminium

This alloy is medium strength but is heat treatable and really excels in terms of corrosion resistance. It responds very well to anodising so it is easy to add protective coatings. In addition it has very good weldability, especially with arc, and is good for cold forming.

The properties of 6060 aluminium mean it is an excellent material for creating complex cross sections. It can be used for everything from furniture and interior fittings to special machinery elements.

Just like with 7075 we can supply 6060 aluminium bar and plate in an array of sizes. We also offer processing, including specialist extrusions.

Order Aluminium Plate and Bar in 7075 or 6060

If either of these alloys will suit your application you can place an order with us. We strive to offer a very fast delivery service so customers don’t have to wait long for their products. In some cases we can deliver on the same day as your order.

Brindley Metals has a reputation for offering high quality products at great prices. If you want to work with us, please get in touch. We can even advise you on what metal alloy will be best for your application.

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