316ti Stainless Steel Bar

Stainless steel bar in grades 310 and 321

Brindley Metals is a company that stocks a series of metal products. We excel at offering bar, plate, sheet, and more. The array of materials we work with is very broad and includes stainless steel bar in grades 310 and 321. As experts in our field, we know what people want from their purchases. Therefore, we make sure every single product is the highest quality.

Below we will take a closer look at Grade 310 and 321 stainless steel. We hope this will help you to choose the right bar for your project.

Grade 310

This is a carbon austenitic stainless steel. It is a great material for high temperature applications. Examples would be heat treatment equipment as well as furnace components. People use it at temperatures that reach as high as 1150°C in uninterrupted service. For intermittent use, the max temperature is 1035°C.

This grade of stainless steel includes 20% nickel and 25% chromium. As a result, it is very resistant to corrosion and oxidation. The medium nickel and high chromium content make it good for applications in minimising sulphur atmospheres that hold H2S.

Grade 310 stainless steel is used extensively in somewhat carburising atmospheres. These are the ones you find in petrochemical settings. The material is also popular for cryogenic applications. This is due to its low magnetic permeability and its toughness.

Grade 321

This is another austenitic material but the alloy has titanium to function as a stabiliser. Usually, the titanium content is five times greater than the carbon content. This lowers the carbide precipitation while you weld.

Grade 321 stainless steel provides you with outstanding resistance to chemical corrosion and oxidation. Not to mention, it has brilliant creep strength. You can form or weld it with ease as well.

The possible applications for grade 321 are very broad. This includes general industry and petrochemical, as well as oil and gas.

Order stainless steel bar in grades 310 or 321

At Brindley Metals, we attempt to offer every customer quick delivery. This is the case regardless of whether they are purchasing stainless steel bar in grades 310 and 321 or something else. In specific cases, we can even do same day deliveries.

If you would like to work with us, please get in touch. We can offer suggestions if you are unsure what kind of material you need for your application.

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