Aluminium sheet and plate – Grade 5251 and 5754

Brindley Metals is a long serving supplier with a wide range of products to offer. We stock many types of metal, including stainless steels, yellow metals, and titanium. In addition, we have aluminium sheet and plate in grade 5251 and 5754. We have great knowledge of all the metals we stock and can help clients to choose the right ones for their application.

Aluminium Grade 5251

This is one of the most popular commercial grades of aluminium. It is medium strength and has good ductility and formability. In addition it has very good resistance to corrosion. It makes it great for applications where there is a big risk of this, including marine uses.

Grade 5251 aluminium is suitable for tempering and has very good weldability. If you want to temper it you can opt for H22, H24 or H26. In terms of welding, the material responds very well to gas, arc and resistance welding. The metal also has very good cold workability but you must be aware of the work hardening.

There are many uses for aluminium grade 5251 in sheet and plate. For example you can use it to create boat hulls, panelling, containers, aircraft parts, and marine structures.

Aluminium Grade 5754

This grade of aluminium has much higher strength than 5251. However, it still has the same excellent corrosion resistance. As a result it is another great option for marine products.

Grade 5754 aluminium also offers lots of options in terms of tempering. You can use the same three tempers as with 5251 as well as H111 and H114 for treadplate. The material has even better weldability, being excellent for gas, arc and resistance welding.

The higher strength of aluminium grade 5754 makes it great for flooring applications. The corrosion resistance also means it is great for shipbuilding, vehicle bodies, fishing equipment, and food processing products.

Order aluminium sheet and plate

If you need grade 5251 or 5754 aluminium Brindley Metals can give you high quality products. We have a selection of sheet and plate to choose from, ensuring we can cater for various needs. Contact us today to learn more or place an order.

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