The characteristics of manganese bronze grade CZ114

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People apply the term bronze to copper-based metal alloys. Here, silicon, aluminium, manganese, or phosphorus shall be the primary alloying ingredient. The main characteristics of bronze alloys are thermal and electric conductivity. Corrosion resistance is another vital one. On top of this the alloys offer great strength and toughness. Depending on your alloy of choice, you could have bronze for almost every need.

Manganese bronze

This is an alloy of copper zinc that includes small amounts of iron, aluminium, and manganese. The correct mix of these elements enhances the strength of the alloy.

As for uses, you can expect to find these bronzes in many areas. These are ones that need anti-seizing, corrosion resistant properties as well as great strength. This includes manganese bronze grade CZ114. Similar to aluminium bronzes, they unite brilliant corrosion resistance with high strength.

Regular applications

The most common uses for the alloys include hydraulic cylinder parts and valve stems. Bridge pins would be another one. In addition, there is screw down nuts, gibs, gears, bushings, and high load bearings.

Grade CZ114 and the other varieties of manganese bronze are popular among the oil and gas industries. We can say the same for aerospace. The marine and fastener industries also have their uses for the alloys. The applications for them include screw machine parts, strut brushings, and landing gear parts.

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