Phosphor Bronze - grades PB1, PB2, PB102, SAE660

Phosphor Bronze grades PB1, PB2, PB102 and SAE660

Brindley Metals offers a broad range of products made from different alloys of yellow metals. Our selection of Phosphor Bronze is extensive and includes PB1, PB2, PB102 and SAE660. When you need high quality metal products, we can cater for you.

Phosphor Bronze PB1

This grade of the metal complies with the British Standard BS1400: PB1. The cast material is mostly copper but has 10 – 11.5% tin and a small amount of phosphorous. The tin means the metal has excellent corrosion resistance. The phosphorous provides better wear resistance. In addition it has high mechanical strength, good conductivity, and is suitable for soldering and brazing.

There are lots of applications for PB1, including washers, gears, and bearings. It is best for medium to high loads.

Phosphor Bronze PB2

This grade of leaded bronze complies with British Standard BS1400: PB2. The tin content is higher than PB1 so it has even more resistance to corrosion. The addition of around 9% lead and a small amount of phosphorus makes it even more hard wearing. It also provides better fatigue resistance.

Again there are lots of applications for PB2. It is used to create similar materials to PB1 but where higher wear resistance is necessary and the loads are higher.

Phosphor Bronze PB102

This is the most common wrought grade of the metal. It contains around 5% tin to ensure good corrosion resistance. In addition there is approximate 0.4% phosphorous to improve things like resistance to wear, stiffness and mechanical strength.

PB102 is useful for a number of applications because it is suitable for cold forming but also has good weldability and is excellent for brazing and soldering. It is commonly used for marine and offshore hardware as well as electrical components, fasteners and even decorative components.

Phosphor Bronze SAE660

This is one of the most popular alloys in the entire bronze range. It is a highly versatile material that includes a high amount of tin and lead (both a minimum of 6%). As a result it has good hardness, wear resistance, and strength. More importantly, it has excellent anti-friction properties and machinability.

SAE660 does not suffer from dezincification and has good resistance to brine and sea water. That is why it is good for pump and valve components. The anti-friction also means it is great for bearings and brushings when there is a medium load.

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If you need any of these grades you can contact us to place an order. We can even discuss your needs with you and suggest the right material. This makes us the best place to find phosphor bronze in grades PB1, PB2, PB102 and SAE660. Rely on Brindley Metals to supply high quality materials every time.

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